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Steps To Take Before You Replace Your Electronic Devices

Electronic devices support your company and remain vital to daily operations. What happens, though, when your computer, fax machine, printer, or tablets become outdated? Take these steps before you replace any electronic devices and dispose of your e-waste. Backup Data The information stored on your computer or phone contains important information you need, so back it up…. Read more »

Being Safe Online

Be afraid — be very afraid — because hackers are breaking into Web sites around the world at a frightening pace! These cyber-pirates can copy, edit, or delete files; or trash your site by stealing programs and disrupting networks. Once they’re into your site, hackers can also use phony identities to buy goods and services… Read more »

11 Tips To Maximize Your Prescription Drug Benefits

Prescription drugs keep you healthy and may save your life. While your employee benefits probably include a prescription drug benefit, medicines are expensive. Maximize your prescription coverage with 11 tips. 1. Advocate for generic brands. Generic brands are as safe and effective as brand name drugs, but they often cost one quarter less. Ask your physician to… Read more »

Tips That Protects Your Business From Embezzlement

Most business owners assume they’re immune to embezzlement. However, this crime affects businesses of all sizes and industries, and the average theft totals $175,000. First, accept that your business is not immune, then take these steps as you protect your company. Protect Cash Instead of leaving cash in an unsecured lockbox or open cash register, lock it… Read more »

Picking the Right Respirator

Choosing the right respirator relevant to the nature of the employment is critical to a worker’s safety. Exposure to different hazards means that not just any respirator will suffice. Two main classes of respirators are available: Air-Purifying Respirators (APR) These respirators are designed to filter air borne contaminants such as fumes or noxious dust. Other… Read more »

The Blurry Lines of Liability

In construction and trade contracting, insurance and liability can be tricky. To what extent do you have to cover your own risks? To what extent can you expect the client to take full responsibility? Who pays out if one of your crew members is injured on the job? What if a third party takes a… Read more »

What You Should Know About Vocational Rehabilitation

Workers’ Compensation covers your medical bills if you suffer a work-related injury or illness. Your Workers’ Compensation benefits also include vocational rehabilitation. Understand this important benefit as you recover and prepare to return to work. What is Vocational Rehab? If your Workers’ Compensation doctor determines that you cannot return to your previous job, you will be eligible… Read more »

Equestrian Care/Custody/Control Liability Insurance

Equestrian Care/Custody/Control Liability Insurance offers indemnity against accidental injury or death of ponies or horses that are in your care, custody or control. If you train, board, breed or are legally responsible for horses you don’t own, you should make a point of having an insurance policy. As an equine professional, the owner of the horse… Read more »