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Top Tips To Avoid Repetitive Motion Injuries On The Job

Performing the same motions every day at work can strain your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and other soft tissues and cause repetitive motion injuries. While you could file a Workers’ Compensation claim to cover medical, temporary disability and rehabilitation expenses, prevent a repetitive injury in the first place with these top tips. Improve Your… Read more »

Your Business Needs Cyber Liability

In today’s high-tech world, individuals can carry thousands of client files on flash drives in their pockets or purses. People are conducting business on the go and sensitive information is accessible at the click of a button. Managers are using their laptops or tablets through “hot spots” at local coffee shops to access customer databases. Healthcare… Read more »

What To Compare As You Shop For Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity insurance covers liabilities your company faces if you’re the victim of a cybercrime. While important, not all cybersecurity insurance policies are the same. Find the right coverage for your needs and vulnerabilities when you compare several cybersecurity insurance features. Coverage Your cybersecurity insurance policy can include coverage for a variety of pre-loss and post-breach… Read more »

Pre-Existing Conditions and Workers Compensation

Any kind of insurance is a double-edged sword, and it often feels like each party is on the wrong side of the deal. Those who have insurance feel like they can’t get a break when they need help, and those providing the insurance often feel like everyone has their hand out for everything under the… Read more »

Stopping Emotional Distress Claims

A trucking company told one of its drivers that it would replace him if he refused to accept certain assignments. These assignments required him to violate federal regulations that limit the number of hours he could drive in a given period. When this came to light, the company fired him for violating regulations. His job loss… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation For Bus Drivers And School Crossing Guards

School starts soon for millions of students across the country. Bus drivers safely transport many of these students to school, and crossing guards protect students and enforce safety rules near school zones. Understand Workers’ Compensation for these student helpers. School Bus Driver Risks Driving a school bus requires more than knowledge of traffic laws. Bus… Read more »

Renting Commercial Office Space Risks

Business owners who lease property for their businesses must be aware that every lease is unique. Any lease you sign can affect your insurance needs drastically. The best suggestion is to have the lease carefully reviewed by your legal representative and insurance broker before signing on the dotted line. Insurance Considerations and Commercial Property Leases … Read more »

Emergency Action Plans

You never know when a workplace emergency will strike. Be prepared with an effective Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Well-developed emergency action plans, and proper training so that workers understand their roles and responsibilities under the plan will reduce the number and extent of injuries, not to mention structural damage to the workplace. On the other… Read more »

Reputation Management Tips That Reduce Business Risk

Reputation means everything to your company. If your reputation is compromised by negative reviews, inappropriate staff actions or a lawsuit, you could lose customers, employees, suppliers, advertisers, and sponsors. Protect your business with these reputation management tips. Promote your Brand Your brand tells your customers, suppliers and advertisers what to expect when they work with… Read more »