Monthly Archives: September 2018

Why Life Insurance Awareness Month Matters

Life insurance gives you peace of mind as it provides financially for your loved ones, favorite charity or another purpose. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and it matters for several reasons. Spouse or Life Partner A successful marriage or partnership includes sharing life and provisions with each other. Continue this arrangement after your passing… Read more »

Raise Awareness During September, Cholesterol Education Month

Around 65 million Americans have high cholesterol, a condition that can affect anyone from young kids to senior adults. September is Cholesterol Education Month, and you can improve your health when you understand the definition of cholesterol and the best ways to prevent high cholesterol. What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol circulates in your blood and resembles… Read more »

Understand Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builder’s Risk insurance, also known as Course of Construction insurance, covers property that’s under construction. As a contractor or construction professional, you must understand this important coverage. What is Builder’s Risk Insurance? A homeowner, general contractor or project manager can purchase a Builder’s Risk insurance policy during a home building project. The coverage protects the… Read more »

How To Prepare For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month In October

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) occurs annually in October. Started in 2003 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and private sector sponsors and nonprofit collaborators that form the National Cyber Security Alliance, this annual event promotes cybersecurity and recommends resources for online safety. Your company can make several preparations this month as you look forward… Read more »

Top Workplace Eye Safety Tips

Employees who work in construction, carpentry, manufacturing, auto repair, welding and maintenance are most likely to experience eye injuries. However, almost every work environment contains eye hazards, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2,000 people suffer from workplace eye injuries every day. As many as 400 of those accidents causes vision… Read more »

How To Use Your Mental Health Benefits And Improve Your Life

An estimated one in five American adults, the equivalent of 4.2 percent of the adult workforce, suffers from a mental illness. As an employee, you can use your mental health benefits to improve your life. Know the Law Several laws protect employees with mental health challenges. The Affordable Care Act requires state marketplace, private and individual… Read more »

Tips to Consider if You’re Facing a Working Retirement

Even though you’ve reached retirement age, you might need to postpone a life of leisure due to financial concerns. A working retirement allows you to work at least a few hours every week and build your nest egg before you make the big transition to full retirement. First, though, consider several tips. Boost Retirement Savings… Read more »

Driving Records: review them often

Automobile accidents are the number one cause of liability claims in business.  Automobile related claims, especially drivers under the influence of alcohol and youthful operators, are the most devastating to families as well. Every risk manager and fleet manager needs to check drivers’ records frequently. Quarterly is not too frequent. Sounds overly intrusive or expensive? … Read more »

Essential Insurance That Protects Your Event Planning Business

With an event planning business, you can organize weddings, anniversaries and community gatherings. You need insurance, though, to protect your venture. Know the different types of essential insurance you need as you protect your event planning business. General Liability Insurance A variety of hazards can affect your event planning business. Purchase general liability insurance because… Read more »

The Dangers Of Fake Business Reviews

Before visiting a business, 90 percent of consumers read online reviews. Your company needs online reviews, but your business could suffer if you encourage or allow fake reviews to populate the internet. Understand the dangers of fake reviews as you build and protect your company. What are Fake Reviews? As a business owner, you may solicit… Read more »