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Tips That Help You Avoid Being Tracked Online

Every time your employees perform an online search, advertisers collect and categorize that data and create targeted ads. To protect your employees’ privacy and prevent cybersecurity risks, follow several tips that help you avoid being tracked online. Browse Privately with VPNs Encrypt your connection with a virtual private network (VPN) and keep all your personal… Read more »

Fire Prevention Tips To Implement During National Fire Safety Month

Every year, over 3,000 fires occur in office properties, reports the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). You can prevent such incidents in your business when you follow several fire prevention tips. They’re important during October, National Fire Safety Month, and all year. Know the Laws Your business must follow local fire safety laws. After you discern the… Read more »

How To Figure Out What You’re Worth

Whether you are ready to ask for a raise, interested in finding a new job or curious about what other professionals in your field make, you need to know what you’re worth. Use these tools to figure out the salary you deserve. Check Online Various online resources allow you to review average salaries for almost… Read more »

Different Types Of Professional Development And Why They’re Important

Professional development is probably mandatory for employees in your company because these opportunities benefit you and your employer. Understand the different types of professional development and why this requirement is important. Continuing Education Take a continuing education class, workshop or webinar to improve your skills. Your employer may offer these in-person or online opportunities during… Read more »

How to Prepare Financially for Long-Term Care

One in four Americans over the age of 65 receives long-term care annually reports the U.S. Department of Commerce. You too could require care. Prepare your finances now for this possibility. Know Your Options Long-term care is defined as assistance performing daily living activities for longer than 90 days. Those daily living activities can range… Read more »

Tips to Protect Your Home and Property This Halloween

Halloween is fun for many kids and families, but vandalism, property damage and insurance claims increase during Halloween. Protect your property this October with these tips. Turn on the Lights Reduce the risk of a burglary when you turn the lights on and make your home look occupied. Consider installing motion sensor lights, too, to… Read more »

8 Ways to save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your home if it’s damaged from a storm, theft, vandalism or other disaster. Save money on your homeowners insurance policy in eight ways. Disaster-Proof Your House You may cut premium costs when you make your home more resistant to disasters. Reinforce the roof, install storm shutters and trim trees. Consider upgrading your home’s… Read more »

Winter Auto Maintenance Tips That Improve Safety And Reduce Accidents

Winter is almost over, but a variety of risks affect your safety as you drive. This month, perform a maintenance check on your vehicle as you improve safety and reduce accidents. Tires Improve traction on slippery, snowy and cold surfaces with maintained tires. Check the tread, and inflate the tires based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Brakes While… Read more »

How To Avoid Buying A Flooded Vehicle

When you’re in the market for a vehicle, you want to choose a reliable car or truck. Dealerships or private owners may inadvertently or purposefully try to sell you a vehicle that’s been recovered from a flood, though. Protect yourself when you know the signs of a flooded vehicle. Perform a Visual Inspection Car buyers… Read more »

How To Protect Employees Who Work Outdoors In Winter

Across the country, temperatures plummet during cold winter months. Many employees must work outdoors and face injury or even death because of the weather conditions. Protect your outdoor workers with several safety precautions. Which Employees are at Risk? Employees who work outdoors for extended periods could suffer weather-related injuries. These employees include: Police officers, firefighters,… Read more »