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How to Handle Pay Raise Complaints

At the beginning of the new year, many companies offer raises to employees. What happens, though, when employees express unhappiness about the raises they receive? If they complain to each other, productivity and morale decline. Use several tips as you handle these complaints promptly and properly and encourage a positive, productive and healthy work environment. Welcome… Read more »

Different Types Of Professional Development And Why They’re Important

Professional development is probably mandatory for employees in your company because these opportunities benefit you and your employer. Understand the different types of professional development and why this requirement is important. Continuing Education Take a continuing education class, workshop or webinar to improve your skills. Your employer may offer these in-person or online opportunities during… Read more »

Can An Employer Request Employee Credit Reports?

You’ve written and posted the job ads and are ready to interview candidates, or it’s time for annual reviews, terminations and promotions. Can you request credit reports for potential or current employees? Learn more about the legal guidelines surrounding employee credit checks. Why Do Companies Perform Credit Checks? Many employers perform credit checks as a… Read more »

Promote Inclusion During National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), gives your company an excellent opportunity to promote awareness for and appreciation of disabled employees. This year’s theme is “America’s Workforce: Empowering All.” Your company can empower all and improve inclusion in several ways this month and throughout the year. Share the Benefits of Hiring Disabled Employees Your… Read more »

Top Workplace Eye Safety Tips

Employees who work in construction, carpentry, manufacturing, auto repair, welding and maintenance are most likely to experience eye injuries. However, almost every work environment contains eye hazards, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2,000 people suffer from workplace eye injuries every day. As many as 400 of those accidents causes vision… Read more »

How To Use Your Mental Health Benefits And Improve Your Life

An estimated one in five American adults, the equivalent of 4.2 percent of the adult workforce, suffers from a mental illness. As an employee, you can use your mental health benefits to improve your life. Know the Law Several laws protect employees with mental health challenges. The Affordable Care Act requires state marketplace, private and individual… Read more »

Can You Fire A Whistleblower?

As part of your company’s Human Resources department, you’re responsible for firing employees. You may be tempted to fire whistleblowers, too, but first, know the law and your rights and responsibilities. What is a Whistleblower? The term “whistleblower” describes an employee who reports an employer’s illegal activities to a law enforcement or government agency or… Read more »

Uncovering Employee Inefficiencies While on Leave

In responding to HR That Works Hotline calls over the years, one of the greatest concerns employers express involves handling the situation in which a worker is on leave when the employer discovers their inefficiencies, wrongful conduct, etc. The employers worry about the employee’s argument that any discipline or termination alleging these deficiencies is really… Read more »

Practicing Electrical Safety

A preventable electrical injury occurs in the workplace every 23 minutes. Jim White, training director for Shermco Industries, Inc., a Dallas-based electrical power systems test and maintenance company, has developed this list of 10 tips for keeping workers safe from shocks, burns, and electrocution on the job: Develop a zero-tolerance policy toward energized work. Get serious… Read more »