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How To Figure Out What You’re Worth

Whether you are ready to ask for a raise, interested in finding a new job or curious about what other professionals in your field make, you need to know what you’re worth. Use these tools to figure out the salary you deserve. Check Online Various online resources allow you to review average salaries for almost… Read more »

Different Types Of Professional Development And Why They’re Important

Professional development is probably mandatory for employees in your company because these opportunities benefit you and your employer. Understand the different types of professional development and why this requirement is important. Continuing Education Take a continuing education class, workshop or webinar to improve your skills. Your employer may offer these in-person or online opportunities during… Read more »

Affordable Ways To Supplement Your Dental Insurance

Your benefits package from work probably includes dental insurance. With this valuable coverage, you can access regular preventative care and dental procedures that protect your smile and health. Your dental insurance coverage may not extend to your spouse, children or other dependents, though. Consider several affordable ways you can meet your family’s dental needs and… Read more »

Nine Reasons Why Employees Need A Vacation

At the end of the year, many companies encourage employees to take accrued vacation time. While you may be tempted to forfeit your earned days off, vacations are important for nine reasons. Improve Productivity You might think that working longer hours make you more productive, but longer work hours actually decrease your productivity. Take a break… Read more »

Tips to Consider if You’re Facing a Working Retirement

Even though you’ve reached retirement age, you might need to postpone a life of leisure due to financial concerns. A working retirement allows you to work at least a few hours every week and build your nest egg before you make the big transition to full retirement. First, though, consider several tips. Boost Retirement Savings… Read more »

Know Your Bereavement Leave Benefits Before You Need Them

Your employer may offer bereavement or funeral leave as part of your employee benefits package. Bereavement leave, also called funeral leave, refers to the time you get or take off work to attend a visitation, wake or funeral. You may wish to learn more about this benefit at your workplace before you need the time off. Typical Bereavement Leave… Read more »

Utilize Your Supplemental Benefits

When you think of a dental or vision plan as being included in your employee medical insurance package, you usually think of them as a nice perk. However, for many people it can actually be much more than that. Many serious diseases and illnesses can often be diagnosed during a routine dental or vision exam that… Read more »

Employee Wellness Program Benefits

Companies implement wellness programs to help employees improve and manage their health, with the hope that such efforts will save on health care costs down the road. Recent studies show an additional benefit from wellness initiatives, in positively linking them to employee engagement and retention. The first study, from the Principal Financial Group, surveyed workers… Read more »

How To Ask For More Vacation Days

Vacations reduce stress, improve your physical health and rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your job. However, you need up to two weeks off to truly unwind and gain the positive effects of a vacation. If you want to take an extended vacation with family or ask your boss to add more vacation days to your benefits package,… Read more »

The Basics Of Your Group Disability Insurance Policy

A 20-year-old employee has a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before he or she reaches retirement, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only one in three employees is covered by long-term disability insurance, though. Your ability to earn a living remains one of your best assets, so consider the benefits of a group disability insurance… Read more »