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Instagram Tips That Improve Holiday Sales And Protect Your Company

By November 8, 2019 No Comments

Instagram Tips That Improve Holiday Sales And Protect Your Company

Your successful business probably utilizes social media to build relationships and boost sales, especially as the holidays approach. Over 400 million users access Instagram every month, making it one of the most effective social media tools you can use. Maximize your company’s Instagram presence and protect your company with these tips.Instagram Tips TFW Insurance

Involve Your Audience

Because social media is meant to be social, interact with your audience as much as possible. Ask questions and take polls about holiday-related content as you motivate more people to talk about your brand.

Start a Debate

With a friendly debate, you increase interaction on Instagram. Center the debate on the holiday and your brand, and keep the content light. For example, ask fans of your electrical repair business if they prefer white or colored lights.

Keep Posts Short

While you should include words and hashtags in your posts, keep the written content short and sweet. Focus on posting high-quality and engaging photos instead.

Create Urgency

Call on last-minute shoppers to make a purchase when you create urgency. Mention a deadline for a promotion or sale, or share how much of each product you have left on the shelves.

Utilize User Content

Instagram users enjoy participating with brands they like, especially if they get a shoutout. Create a special holiday hashtag, and put the word out for your viewers to share a picture with the hashtag. This campaign builds emotional connection and engagement.

Mention Pop Culture

Reference pop culture to increase the number of viewers who actively engage with your Instagram account. Be sure your pop culture posts are authentic, timely and fresh rather than outdated.

Advertise Sales and Discounts

If your company offers a sale or discount on your products and services, advertise the special on Instagram. Invite your viewers to share the sale with their friends, too.

Host a Contest or Giveaway

Give your audience the opportunity to win one of your products or services when they like your Instagram account or “like” or “share” the contest post. You could also sponsor a giveaway to improve engagement and increase sales.

Partner With a Charitable Cause

The holiday season and charitable giving go hand-in-hand. Choose a local charitable organization, and use Instagram posts to raise awareness or solicit donations. Your efforts demonstrate your company’s commitment to goodwill and the community.

Take Protective Measures

As you use Instagram more this holiday season, take several steps to protect your company.

  • Honor sales, discounts, contests, and giveaways.
  • Get permission to use customer photos before you post them online.
  • Follow copyright laws for images.
  • Update your insurance policy to include liability coverage.

Are you ready to boost sales this holiday? Use these tips as you maximize your Instagram account and protect your company.