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Is There Any Such Thing as a Virus-Proof Device?

Is there any such thing as virus-proof? Although devices aren’t typically advertised as being “virus-proof,” many developers certainly enjoy the extra profits that come with being “commonly known” for being virus-proof. The question remains as to whether any device or operating system can ever truly be impervious to infection. Let’s do some myth-busting: Linux When… Read more »

Finding Privacy in Public

Ideally, you and your staff are never going to be looking at any sensitive data anywhere but at the office, on a closed, secure network, or at home. But that’s not always practical. We have deadlines to meet and we might have to meet them while at the airport or on the subway heading into… Read more »

6 of the Weirdest Computer Viruses

We’ve all caught one of those viruses that bombards us with pop-up ads for knock-off Viagra or just slows our computer to a crawl. Some computer viruses are a little… stranger than that. The MacMag Virus The MacMag virus was known for being considerate. MacMag was developed by Richard Brandow. The virus delivered a message… Read more »

How to Reduce Your Business’s Internet Safety Risks

Doing business online is fairly common for most businesses. However, you do face Internet safety risks whether you email customers, take credit cards over the phone or use an online payroll company. Learn how your business can reduce your risks and use the Internet safely. Wireless Internet Anyone can access the information you send over… Read more »

How To Hire An Internal Control Consultant

What 2016 New Year resolutions are your making for your company? Consider hiring an internal control consultant to help you reach your goals. What is an Internal Control Consultant? As a company insider, you may not be objective about your company’s performance, weaknesses or areas of need. You also may not have the resources or… Read more »

First Aid Checklist for the Workplace

Accidents can happen in any business environment. Be prepared with a stocked first aid kit. This way, you and everyone in the office can handle emergencies when they arise. The First Aid Kit Box Any box or soft bag can hold your first aid supplies. However, consider a container that features the international Red Cross… Read more »

Risks of Starting Your Own Business

If you dream of being your own boss, maybe you’ve also considered starting your own business. The idea of setting your own hours, working from home and selecting only projects that interest you is appealing. However, According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, up to 50 percent of all small businesses fail within five years…. Read more »

Alone and At Risk

Technically if you have a telecommuting employee who works from home or another non-office location, you’re still liable for their injuries as the employer. Of course, the burden of proof is on the employee, and these types of situations can get tricky fast. Obviously as an employer, you can’t be sure of what your employees… Read more »

Telecommuter Ruling In Illinois

Earlier in December 2015 there was a controversial case in Illinois that shook a lot of people up. The courts decided that a police officer technically qualified as a telecommuter and was therefore eligible for a workers comp package, even though the cop was not on duty. His story was that he lifted a bag… Read more »