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How To Protect Employees Who Work Outdoors In Winter

Across the country, temperatures plummet during cold winter months. Many employees must work outdoors and face injury or even death because of the weather conditions. Protect your outdoor workers with several safety precautions. Which Employees are at Risk? Employees who work outdoors for extended periods could suffer weather-related injuries. These employees include: Police officers, firefighters,… Read more »

What To Do When Co-Workers Act In An Unsafe Manner

Safety at work depends on all employees doing their part. Sometimes, though, co-workers decide to cut corners, get in a hurry, feel distracted, or otherwise neglect safety protocols. A 2010 study by the RAD group found that only 40 percent of employees intervened when they noticed safety concerns because they feared that their co-worker would be defensive or… Read more »

What Is Workers’ Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation?

When you receive Workers’ Compensation, vocational rehabilitation might be part of your benefits package. Learn more about what vocational rehab is and why it’s important as you maximize your Workers’ Compensation benefits. What is Vocational Rehabilitation? Because you suffered a serious injury or illness, you may need assistance returning to the workforce. Vocational rehab gives… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation For 9/11 Participants Extended To September 2018

The attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001, continue to affect millions of Americans, including the workers and volunteers who assisted in the rescue, recovery and cleanup efforts. Unfortunately, many of those brave participants continue to suffer from illnesses related to their work. Employees typically have three years to file a Workers’ Compensation… Read more »

Top Tips To Avoid Repetitive Motion Injuries On The Job

Performing the same motions every day at work can strain your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and other soft tissues and cause repetitive motion injuries. While you could file a Workers’ Compensation claim to cover medical, temporary disability and rehabilitation expenses, prevent a repetitive injury in the first place with these top tips. Improve Your… Read more »

Pre-Existing Conditions and Workers Compensation

Any kind of insurance is a double-edged sword, and it often feels like each party is on the wrong side of the deal. Those who have insurance feel like they can’t get a break when they need help, and those providing the insurance often feel like everyone has their hand out for everything under the… Read more »

Stopping Emotional Distress Claims

A trucking company told one of its drivers that it would replace him if he refused to accept certain assignments. These assignments required him to violate federal regulations that limit the number of hours he could drive in a given period. When this came to light, the company fired him for violating regulations. His job loss… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation For Bus Drivers And School Crossing Guards

School starts soon for millions of students across the country. Bus drivers safely transport many of these students to school, and crossing guards protect students and enforce safety rules near school zones. Understand Workers’ Compensation for these student helpers. School Bus Driver Risks Driving a school bus requires more than knowledge of traffic laws. Bus… Read more »


A lot of companies say “Safety is our Number One priority.” However, when the chips are down and production needs to increase, safety might suddenly become Number Two. In an effective workplace health and safety program, the employer places a high priority on a safe workplace, employees participate willingly in keeping themselves safe on the… Read more »