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Your Employee Matters


By February 1, 2008No Comments

One of the greatest challenges with building workplace relationships is that there’s always something else going on — with me, with them, and in the environment.

In fact, there’s always more going on.

  • Maybe they’re in the middle of a difficult divorce, or just had a fight with a loved one.
  • Maybe their kid is sick and they’d rather be home.
  • Maybe they’re interviewing elsewhere and checked out of this job long ago.
  • Perhaps their self-esteem is so low they don’t know how to make a decision.
  • Or they might be so burnt out that they’ve gone numb and they don’t care about anything or anyone.

They might be so burnt out they’ve gone numb and they don’t care about making any decisions. They could be in a great deal of pain and they’re ready to hurl this at you with the slightest provocation. Maybe your expertise is intimidating so they are afraid to ask you questions.

The point is:

Remain open to the fact that something else is always going on. Being present with the person for even a few minutes will allow them to gradually let go of what’s on their mind — so they can in turn be present with you.