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Your Employee Matters


By April 1, 2008No Comments

Finding out if someone is truthful is an art, not a science. The closest truth detecting machine on the market, a polygraph, is illegal in the hiring process. Imagine if in the future there were an invention which detects truthfulness 100%, as forecasted in the book written by the futurist James Halperin, The Truth Machine. Its consequences were amazing and worldwide. A book worth the read.

But that’s not where we are today. Not only is getting the truth a challenge, but getting very clear about the needs we’re hiring for and the employee fit is an equal challenge. People can be very truthful and still be a wrong match.

If there ever were a truth machine, I would be OK with limiting the inquiry to the following 10 questions:

  1. Is everything you placed on your job application and in your résumé accurate?
  2. Is everything you stated in your interview accurate?
  3. Is there any significant information about your job history not disclosed in the hiring process that would concern a reasonable employer about your qualifications?
  4. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
  5. Do you do drugs?
  6. Is there anything you’re currently aware of that would prohibit you from working this job for at least three years?
  7. Do you consider yourself lucky? (If they say no, do you really want them working for you?)
  8. Do you truly want to be a great employee?
  9. Did you meet the attendance requirements at your previous job?
  10. After a conditional job offer is made: Are you currently under any physical or medical limitations which would substantially limit you from performing the physical and mental requirements of this job?

Now let’s play this game in reverse:

  1. Is everything you’ve told me about the company in the hiring process accurate?
  2. Is there any reason that you currently know of that if I perform well I might not be able to stay in this position for at least three years?
  3. Have you been honest with me about the opportunity for advancement at the company?
  4. Is there anything about your financial condition that would cause a reasonable job applicant some concern?
  5. Do you care about your employees?
  6. Are you serious about the statement that the company does not tolerate harassment or discrimination?
  7. Is this a fun place to work?
  8. Do you pay competitive wages, salaries, and benefits?
  9. Have you done a proper job analysis to make sure you are clear about the skills and abilities necessary for me to be successful in this position?
  10. Is there any other significant information not disclosed to me which would cause a reasonable job applicant concern?

Fact is, both applicants and companies lie in the hiring process. Getting to the truth is the Art of Hiring!