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By July 1, 2008June 8th, 2020No Comments

Department of Labor regulations state that “[t]ime spent by an employee in waiting for and receiving medical attention on the premises or at the direction of the employer during the employee’s normal work hours on a day when he is working constitutes hours worked.” 29 C.F.R. § 785.43 (2007)

A U.S. Department of Labor opinion letter further supports the conclusion that companies should be bound by the actions of their workers compensation administrator.According to the opinion letter, an entity acting on behalf of an employer can bind the employer for purposes of directing medical appointments. The letter explains that “[i]f the employer or the employer’s agent (insurance carrier) arranged for the employee to see a doctor during the employee’s normal working hours, the time spent traveling to and from and visiting the doctor’s office would be compensable hours of work.”

Read a recent case discussing this issue here, and a DOL opinion letter here.