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Your Employee Matters


By November 1, 2008No Comments

My workshops stress the importance of internal branding. I discuss how you can use acumen learned in the field of marketing and turn this inward to motivate, engage and inspire your employees more effectively.

In a recent issue of One Look magazine (a great publication for the advertising community), I highlighted these words in the issue:

  • Fresh
  • Buzz
  • Integration
  • Immersion
  • Experience

These words lie at the forefront of marketing to clients and customers – which means that they should also be at the forefront of the marketing efforts to your employees. How well would you say that the employee experience captures these ideals? I can hear the chorus now – “Come on Don, we’re a manufacturing firm, a CPA office, a small retailer, etc. How can we expect to create this type of excitement?” My answer to you is this – if you don’t find a way, I guarantee that sooner or later you’ll be out of business. Just as retailers who don’t capture the essence of these phrases go out of business from the outside, companies that don’t capture the essence of these phrases will go out of business from the inside. It’s a choice.

I’d recommend working with your marketing team. Ask your employees how you can create some buzz and make things fresh. Change around the furniture, paint the walls, enhance the lobby, get your employees kids to do some drawing for you – in short, make things fun. If you do so, your work experience will be richer and so will your bottom line.