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Your Employee Matters


By February 1, 2009No Comments
  1. Do you have well defined job descriptions? If not, please go to http://online.onetcenter. org.
  2. Do your employees know what you consider to be the most important parts of their job? Or, are you assuming they know?
  3. How would they know if they were performing these functions per requirement without having to ask you or having to be told?
  4. Will they be/are employees capable of accepting responsibility for their performance?
  5. Do they have enough self-confidence based on skills and desire?
  6. Are they team players?
  7. Do they have a 90-day plan with specific goals to accomplish?
  8. Do they have a daily checklist?
  9. How are they monitored and held accountable?
  10. Are there any obstacles that might hinder their performance?
  11. Do you, and they, deal with problems in a constructive way?
  12. Do you spend as much time praising their accomplishments as you do giving criticism?