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Your Employee Matters


By June 1, 2009No Comments

Here’s what I’m doing with my employees to manage more effectively in this economy.

These ideas make sense for your organization, no matter its size or industry:

  • Be very clear with workers about how the business makes and keeps money. Although I’ve always had open-book management, to help employees understand the numbers that much better, I had them watch the HR That Works The Accounting Game Webinar. You might want to have at least your management team do the same thing.
  • Refocus your objectives. This is a good time to reestablish your core values. In our recent webinar, The Integrity Dividend, Cornell University professor Tony Simons advised members to focus on no more than three to five core values. Make these points memorable and brand them as often as possible. Then ask a simple question: How does this activity help or hinder moving toward these values?
  • Increase your productivity. Eliminate any time wasters. Whether it’s a MySpace chat or shopping online, there’s simply no time for it in today’s workplace. We’re tightening up our standard operating procedures, job descriptions, benchmarks, and 90-day game plans. If you’re an HR That Works member and haven’t yet done so, please watch my Training Module on Performance Improvement.
  • Work on your business. In my business, the summer months are generally slow. Every year, we use it to work “on” the business. Right now, we’re all having an early summer and I believe that smart companies will use the slowdown to strengthen their operations. As the economy recovers, your company will be better positioned for growth and prosperity.
  • Live up to your commitments. Tony Simons reminded us about the risks associated with making “casual commitments.” In my workshops I talk about the trap of heroes being over committed. When we over-commit, we produce a lie and then the drama begins. So, be clear about what you’re committed to, don’t over commit — and then walk the talk.
  • Create some positive dramas. Lord knows we’ve had enough of the negative ones! Don’t allow your business to wallow in some collective pity party. Create a fun committee. Have a creativity day. Let your employees’ kids do artwork that can be displayed in one of your hallways. Create some “positive energies” and you’ll get some positive results!