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Your Employee Matters


By August 1, 2009No Comments

Every month I review a variety of HR publications and blogs, including HR Magazine, Workforce Management, HR Florida Review, The California Labor Employment Review, and others. Here are subjects that appear to be at the top of HR’s collective mind:

  • Managing layoffs and terminations. Do this in a way that doesn’t generate lawsuits and demotivate remaining employees.
  • Healthcare management. Look at alternative options such as HSAs, increased co-pays, and eliminating coverage altogether.
  • Executive pay and compensation. Ask yourself these questions: Are executives overpaid? Should anybody be getting a raise now? Is there wage deflation? What kinds of bonuses make sense?
  • Significant changes to the FMLA and ADA. Make sure you have your leave management act together. HR That Works Members should see the updated Training Modules and Webinars.
  • Managing stress. Focus on this byproduct of our crazy times and its huge impact on productivity and turnover.
  • Leadership improvement. Identify competencies, best practices, training, and development. There are many excellent leadership Webinars on HR That Works.
  • Managing privacy exposures. Consider the impact of the Internet, cell phones, Twitter, and other technologies. HR That Works members should watch the recent Webinar on Privacy in the Workplace.

Look for these trends to continue. Several years ago Fast Company magazine argued that business success would be based squarely on the ability to engage in change, learning, and leadership. Are you and your company embracing change? Are you the change others have to catch up to? In a knowledge economy, learning must be a process, not an event – and leadership is ever more important in tough times.

The question to ask is: “How well are we engaging in any of these activities? Are our HR strategies helping or hurting us in these areas?” If you’re an HR That Works Member, there are many tools on the Web site to help you excel in these crazy times.