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Your Employee Matters


By October 1, 2009No Comments

It’s always easy to write or speak about “them.” But what about us? Do we have our act together? Are we stuck knowing that we can or should get certain things done – but it’s still not happening? Before we go worrying about anyone else, let’s answer these questions about ourselves:

  1. Are you making a conscious effort to get better every day? There are plenty of ways to do this. How are you doing it? To see my list of possibilities, send me an e-mail at
  2. Do you have a game plan? What does success for you (the perfect future) look like? How do you plan to get there? Do you have a written plan that’s articulate, detailed, and broken out into tasks you need to accomplish this week?
  3. Are you focused? For example, are you working on first things first? It’s easy to skate around what’s really important – until it becomes an urgent matter. Focus on a single major objective and work toward it during the first hour or two of every work day.
  4. Do you bring a Positive Mental Attitude to your tasks? Do you expect to be successful? Have you dealt with any lingering fears that might hinder your progress? For example, “If I succeed they won’t like me,” or “It’s they who are keeping me from my success, or “If I go for it and make a mistake I’m in big trouble.” Remember, you get what you focus on!
  5. Finally, are you taking 100% responsibility for yourself, without casting blame on others or justifying outcomes? Yes things will feel unfair. Are you man or woman enough to deal with them in a way that leaves no regrets? It’s only when we know we’ve been 100% responsible that we can “let go.” In reality, things never work out exactly as planned. Life would be boring if it did! Our job is to stay off the emotional stage. Learn the lesson and move on!

As Buckminster Fuller said, “Integrity begins with the individual.” Remember that helping the company – and yourself – is an inside-out job!