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Your Employee Matters


By October 1, 2009No Comments

A recent white paper by the Society for Human Resource Management discussed a number of subjects related to managing in a challenging economy. In the report, the SHRM discussed the importance of analyzing behavioral competencies in organizations and encouraged HR manager to focus on four tasks:

  1. Identifying behaviors needed for knowledge-based competition
  2. Ensuring that the workforce has the required competencies
  3. Making sure that the workforce is motivated to engage in these competencies
  4. Providing opportunities for these behaviors in the workforce

We’ve been preaching this approach for years, both in the hiring and post-hire processes. As mentioned in the report, skill tests, character assessments, and other tools help companies to hire more effectively, improve job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and increase productivity, as well as other factors. We encourage you to use for skill tests and for character assessments. Tell them that HR That Works sent you and they’ll provide you with a free test or assessment.