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If your teen is getting ready to put their hands to the wheel, it’s time to think seriously about Auto insurance options a dreadful thought for many parents, but with a little research and careful planning you might be able to obtain affordable Auto insurance for your teen. Let’s explore some ways to lessen the cost of your teen’s Auto insurance.

Proper Driver Training

Many teens opt for driver’s education in high school, and this is a wonderful way to decrease your teen’s Auto insurance rates right from the beginning. Many Auto insurance companies offer discounts to those who have completed a driver’s education course successfully. Not to mention driver’s education provides proper on-the-road training for your teen. The instructor can teach all the written and “unspoken” rules of the road while also showing proper driving techniques, including defensive driving. Knowing how to drive properly helps decrease the chances of careless driving, thus making your teen a much safer driver.

Law versus Fun

Emphasize to your teen that although driving is fun, it’s also a serious responsibility. Make sure they understand how the law works and the stiff penalties for speeding, racing, careless driving, drunk driving, running stop signs or red lights, not wearing seatbelts, parking in undesignated areas, etc. Explain that even one traffic offense can eliminate their chances for affordable Auto insurance in years to come, and might even cause them to lose their driving privileges for a while.

Does Your Teen Make the Grade?

Some insurers offer discounts to students who keep their grades up. This is somewhat of a reward for you as a parent and for your teen if they get good grades or maintain a high GPA (grade point average). Your Auto insurance company might offer this discount because insurers feel that a teen who demonstrates responsibility and carefulness in school is more likely to do the same while behind the wheel of an automobile. This can be used as an incentive for your teen as well. You might even offer a bonus allowance to your teen for keeping their grades up, using the money you’ll save with cheaper Auto insurance!

Choose Cars Wisely

Teens and sports cars – these words shouldn’t be used in the same sentence if you’re shopping for Auto insurance. Insurance companies frown upon teens buying or driving sports cars, even if the teen is a safe driver. Sports cars in general tend to carry higher insurance rates for drivers of all ages, but teens are especially vulnerable to temptation when it comes to showing off their new car and testing how fast it will go. Opt for a sedan or family-style car with all the safety features possible. The good thing about safety features is your insurance company might offer discounts for certain safety features such as anti-lock brakes, air bags, added frame support, and others.

Opt for an Add-On to Your Policy

When your teen first starts driving, consider adding them to your current insurance policy for a while. You can do this as long as you remain the primary driver of your vehicle. Then your teen will be able to enjoy the lower rates based on your discounts and age. If they only have a learner’s permit, check with your insurance company to find out if they should be added to the policy as a driver. Most will cover teen drivers automatically under your policy while driving with a permit.

Shop for the Best Deal

If you’re shopping for an Auto insurance policy for your teen, you’ll be surprised at the differences among companies. Every company varies in what it considers to be “high risk” drivers. Some insurers specialize in insurance for young drivers and are able to offer cheaper rates than others. Also, compare each company’s discounts for teen drivers. Some might offer more discount opportunities than others.

Having a teen driver creates awareness about road safety and Auto insurance like nothing else. Use these tips to guide you as you shop for Auto insurance that will provide the most coverage for your money.