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By December 1, 2010No Comments

An excellent article in the October 2010 Corporate Counsel magazine discussed mistakes executives continue to make using e-mail. The author offered these common-sense guidelines.

  • Use company email accounts appropriately.
  • Don’t e-mail inside jokes or nicknames for clients or employees.
  • Don’t e-mail when angry.
  • Don’t e-mail potential ammunition for opposing counsel.
  • Avoid using such phrases as “Don’t tell them” or “They’ll never find out” in your e-mails.

This list is far from exhaustive. The article provides excellent job examples of how unwise e-mail conduct on the job has resulted in a significant exposure to the employer. Bear in mind that these guidelines also apply to using such social media as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We encourage HR That Works users to examine our Electronic Use Policy, as well as the Social Media Policy.