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Your Employee Matters


By January 1, 2011No Comments

Have you audited your practices for these common wage and hour exposures?

  1. Exempt vs. non-exempt. Have you classified your exempt employees properly or are you risking an overtime exposure?
  2. Rest and meal period violations. Is the employee truly relieved from work and are your time-keeping clocks tracking meals accurately?
  3. Travel time. Many workers who start from their home and then go to multiple locations fall under “portal-to-portal laws.”
  4. 1099 misclassification. As indicated on the blog site,, this is a significant exposure. The IRS and state agencies are looking to find as many people as they can who are classified as employees.
  5. Failure to pay prevailing wage. If you’re working a government or quasi-government project, make sure you’re complying with all wage requirements.