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Your Employee Matters


By March 1, 2011No Comments

The December HR Magazine shared these statistics from a SHRM survey:

  • Companies doing criminal background checks? 73% all, 19% selectively, 7% no
  • Companies doing credit background checks? 13% all, 47% selectively, 40% no
  • Companies conducting pre-employment drug testing? 55% all, 17% selected, 21% no

As with most SHRM surveys, most of the companies surveyed are very large. Usually less than 15% are the size of our Member base. Nevertheless, where does your company fit in this? We’d advise you to do criminal background checks and drug tests on everybody, and credit background check on everybody you’re allowed to by law. This will eliminate exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

(Note: The EEOC is severely restricting credit background checks on a disparate impact basis. Work with our partner, to get it right!)