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Your Employee Matters


By May 1, 2011No Comments

I’ve handled more than 3,000 “hotline” calls from managers trying to deal with their employees. I find that very often they don’t let employees know about something- when they should do so. These include: Poor performance, body odor, bringing personal problems to work, wasting time on gossip, using social media, shopping online, coming and going late, 20-minute breaks, smelling like a chimney when they return from the break, their dress, their communication skills, the time they waste on the basketball pool, being on the layoff list – the list goes on. The real question is: Why don’t managers speak up? In my experience, there are many reasons: The employee intimidates them, they’re new to the management role, they get no support if they want to act, they prefer to avoid conflict, they don’t want to be become “villains,” they fear having their shortcomings pointed back at them, they don’t want to cause a lawsuit – you name it!

What are you doing to help your managers move past this fear-based limitation in a way that can make them proud? How can they face these concerns and build a relationship with employees in the process? By the way, what are you holding back on with anyone you manage?