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Your Employee Matters


By November 1, 2011No Comments

A recent article in the California Labor Employment Law Review discussed the dos and don’ts of using HR experts in trial. Here’s a list of “appropriate” uses:

  • Common techniques of employee screening and selection.
  • Methods of employee evaluation.
  • Techniques for selection of employees for promotions.
  • Operation of seniority rules in a unionized workforce.
  • Processes for employee discipline.
  • Adequacy of policies prohibiting harassment and procedures for reporting it.
  • The “interactive process” of accommodating an employee with a disability.
  • The reasonableness of a proposed accommodation in a specific business context.
  • Adequacy of investigations into workplace misconduct or “whistleblower” complaints.
  • Management of employees with work-related illnesses or injuries.
  • Design and application of employee compensation and benefit plans.
  • Design and application of ethics codes.

What you are doing to bring this level of expert knowledge into your company proactively – thus avoiding the need for an expert at trial?