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Your Employee Matters


By January 1, 2012No Comments

According to a SHRM article, the EEOC has filed disability lawsuits against:

  • Ford Motor Company for failure to allow an employee with a gastrointestinal condition to telecommute.
  • Kohl’s Department Stores for refusing to accommodate a diabetic employee’s request for a regular schedule.
  • SITA for rescinding a job offer when it found that an applicant who needed surgery for cancer asked to delay her start date.
  • The Scooter Store for refusing to accommodate an employee’s request for a temporary leave of absence due to a knee injury and then firing him.

Here’s the point: The EEOC is on the warpath when it comes to disability accommodation. Go through the process. Take a checklist approach. Treat your people the way you would want to be treated. Get professional help if you need it. The HR That Works Hotline is a good place to a start for Members as is the Job Accommodation Network: