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Your Employee Matters


By February 1, 2012No Comments

I watched one public company’s stock valuation drop by more than $1 million in one day due to a social media post that one of its disgruntled employees had placed. I’ve seen cases in which employees have cursed at their bosses, spread ill-will about them through the Internet, and literally stuck out their tongues at their employers about working conditions — and, after their termination, the National Labor Relations Board forced their employers to rehire them.

Here’s the point: You cannot ignore social media risks. Disgruntled employees can release a barrage of sensitive information and demeaning statements with their employers left feeling helpless. HR That Works Members should check out the Social Media Training Module, which has both a video describing the National Labor Relations Board position on this issue and a sample Social Media Policy. One additional piece of advice: Get your employees involved in creating and enforcing these policies and train your managers accordingly.