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By February 1, 2012No Comments

Burglar alarm systems have evolved into total security systems in recent years. In the past, these systems were limited to providing protection for a homeowner’s property against carbon monoxide, fire or intruders. However, they offer an entire new form of technology and increased security today. Some of the latest products from the most popular companies have the ability to oversee every function of the home environment. One of the most important parts of this new wave of home security is Z-Wave technology.

Understanding Z-Wave Technology. Z-Wave Technology is considered a mesh networking technology. It was developed in 1999 for the purpose of creating a standard for communication of home devices via wireless radio frequency. This new technology has a major advantage over older home security systems. Since it is constructed similarly to extremely reliable computer network protocols, it offers a much more elite level of protection. Z-Wave technology also serves as a signal repeater by re-broadcasting signals to a network’s additional devices.

Although these revolutionary products are purchased separately from garage door openers, locks and dimming switches, one major security company has introduced the technology into its most recent home security system products. In addition to offering the basic home security functions, this system offers many more advantages, which include light control, climate control and video surveillance. This latest technology development also features remote access to the system’s controls and cameras via a computer at work, a laptop, smart phone, tablet computer, netbook or any other compatible device with access to the Internet.

Reasons to Install Z-Wave. Since millions of property crimes occur each year in the United States, it’s important to have a way to help put criminals behind bars. In some cases, indication of a home security system with stickers is enough to deter criminals. With a burglary occurring every few seconds somewhere in the country, nobody should assume that their property is safe or that this couldn’t happen to them. It’s crucial to have a system offering technology features that surpass the capabilities of criminals. For example, a burglar might simply clip the cords on an outdated system. With the technology of the newest wireless systems, even clipped cords won’t let the criminal get away with their plans. The system will still send electronic notifications to the monitoring company, homeowner and law enforcement if the power cords are cut. Z-Wave’s remote monitoring features give families additional peace of mind that they can know what is happening on their property while they’re miles away from home.

In addition to providing superb protection for an empty house, these systems are also great for parents who want to monitor children, pets, or individuals providing child care in the home. These systems not only let parents know that their children are home but they are also capable of monitoring television and computer usage. The system has the ability to control access to locked closets, cabinets or other areas of the house that are forbidden to children. In a world where crimes are high and perils threaten homes, it’s important to have a good plan to avoid being the victim of theft, fire or any other unwanted incidents.