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Workplace Safety


By July 1, 2012No Comments

Although most people think of business places as safe and serene, in fact they’re rife with risks, both inside and outside the building. Security experts recommend taking these safety precautions:

  • Parking Lot Security/Lighting. Because crime flourishes in the dark, implement a “buddy system” to ferry workers to and from their cars. Limit parking lot access to controlled points and have the lots as well lit as possible. In fact, light is such a deterrent to crime that it’s wise to keep your entire facility lit, inside and out, during non-business hours.
  • Entrance Area Safety. Make sure a receptionist is on duty at all times. Provide a registration system for all visitors (even if they wear the uniform of contract cleaning or other service personnel). Have all doors, windows, and locks checked frequently for proper operation. Use badge or other photo ID systems, with frequent checks of entry code systems. Never let employees prop open a door with a chair so that it doesn’t lock behind them outside on a break.
  • Suspicious Activity. Urge employees to report any suspicious persons or activity around the building. Never allow employees to open suspicious packages. Instead, report them to the authorities for proper search and disposal.
  • Information Safety. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly easy for computer hackers or disgruntled employees to steal your organization’s vital business information. To guard against this threat, use the latest security software for your entire system, updated frequently, and make sure to have regular backups for this information. Shred paper documents with critical information as soon as they’re no longer needed.
  • Equipment Security. Keep an inventory of all your critical equipment, hardware, and software. This is especially important as electronic devices keep shrinking in size, making them easier to conceal and remove. Having an inventory (many experts suggest taking photos of important items) will also make it easier for your insurance carrier to process any claim if anything “goes missing.”
  • Employee Valuables. Provide secure places, such as lockable drawers and closets, for employee property and encourage their use. Valuables, especially any item that reveals personal information, should be locked away during company gatherings or breaks.
  • Safety Team. Set up a group of managers and employees who meet regularly with a set agenda.

Our experts would be happy to work with you in creating a comprehensive workplace safety program. Feel free to give us a call.