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Risk Management Bulletin


By August 1, 2012No Comments

Every business needs to create, update, and consistently enforce a hiring policy with zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment and a thorough investigation of any complaints. Without such a program, you’re leaving yourself wide open for punitive damages litigation under federal employment practices compliance regulation.

Give managers responsible for interviewing and hiring written instructions or training on what they can and can’t ask during interviews. Use the interview process to learn the applicant’s potential for filing Workers Compensation or Health insurance claims. The first interview should focus only on the person’s ability to perform the job. However, after receiving a conditional job offer, an applicant might be asked to complete a medical history to determine their qualifications for the job and any needed accommodations by the company.

Be sure that every applicant signs an acknowledgement that any misstatement or omission on the questionnaire can serve as grounds not to hire them or to end their employment.

We’d be happy to review your interview procedures – just give us a call.