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Workplace Safety


By November 1, 2012No Comments

What constitutes Workers Compensation fraud? The Florida Bureau of Workers Compensation regularly encounters four types of these scams: Premium fraud, working without Workers Compensation coverage, fraudulent certification, and claimant fraud.

Why do employers commit Workers Comp fraud? Easy: To save money by beating the system. What’s more, there’s always the possibility that regulators will fail to sniff out the scheme and the employer will get away with it. That is, of course, if no one ever gets hurt — an expectation that’s completely unrealistic.

If the system catches a fraudulent employer and they’re convicted, they’ll pay restitution to the state and the insurance company. At a minimum, they’ll have to pick up the costs of the investigation. Of course, there’s always the potential for jail time. All in all, not exactly a walk in the park.

People tempted to commit Comp fraud don’t understand that the purpose of Workers Compensation is to save them money. Imagine the expenses incurred if an uncovered employee suffered a serious injury on the job. The bottom line: No policy means zero protection for anyone involved.

We can help you design and maintain a Workers Comp program that will offer you and your employees the protection and savings you deserve. For more information, or a review of your current coverage, contact us today.