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Your Employee Matters


By December 1, 2012No Comments

Two-thirds of HR That Works companies have between 25 and 100 employees. In a recent webinar, when asked “Do you provide your managers with formalized training,?” only 43% answered yes. This means that less than half of these companies have a plan to create top-flight managers. I say this because if they don’t have formalized training, I doubt that they’ll have a formalized management success plan. Here’s a list of topics on which all managers should have training:

  1. Hiring great people
  2. How to manage the performance of great people
  3. Keeping great people
  4. How to motivate great people
  5. Dealing with poor performers and the termination process
  6. Compliance basics
  7. Effective leadership and management skills
  8. Emotional intelligence
  9. Business acumen
  10. Creativity and innovation
  11. Managing across generations
  12. Time management

Yes, HR That Works offers training in each of these subjects. Make sure that your managers watch at least one of these programs every month. At the end of the year they are guaranteed to be much better managers. Amazing! In addition, reward them with bonuses, contests, recognition, etc. when they seek out their own training programs.