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By December 1, 2012No Comments

A consensus of six healthcare organizations have released a Joint Consensus Statement entitled “Guidance for a Reasonably Designed, Employer-Sponsored Wellness Program Using Outcomes-Based Incentives.” Anyone in HR, benefits, or who cares about wellness or productivity should read this article.

Here are three major conclusions I gleaned from the paper:

  1. Evidence suggests that long-term lifestyle modification and risk factor management require more than financial motivation.
  2. The key to a successful worksite wellness program capable of sustaining behavioral change is the creation of a culture and environment that supports health and wellness.
  3. You can’t wing wellness; you need a strategic plan to make sure that it works. That strategic plan should provide the right mix of rewards versus penalties and have cultural support, include assessment and screening, behavioral change interventions, engagement methods, measurement, and valuation, HIPAA and ADA compliance, and effective incentives.