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By January 1, 2013No Comments

As the Affordable Coverage Act (ACA) is transforming the nation’s health care system from top to bottom, consumers are raising a wide variety of questions. For example, many college-age students, and their parents, might be wondering how these reforms will impact their need for carrying Health insurance through their schools.

The answer: In most case, Medical policies sold through colleges remain as important as ever. Students need to speak with their parents about what coverage they require, and determine whether they need it through their school as they leave home for the first time or can remain covered through their parents’ plan.

The ACA permits children to remain under the parental Health policy until the age of 26, regardless of whether they’re enrolled in college (full or part time) or wherever they live. College-sponsored plans remain important if a student’s parents are either uninsured or don’t have good Medical coverage. Under the ACA, any student who lacks adequate Health insurance must purchase a plan through the college or university where he or she is enrolled. The intent is to provide affordable health care for the college-age children of the millions of Americans who lack a Medical plan that will cover these young people when they leave the nest.

If you have (or will have) children in college, our agency’s professionals would be happy to provide a complimentary review of their Health insurance needs – and yours. Please feel free to get in touch with us.