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Risk Management Bulletin


By January 1, 2013No Comments

Tens of thousands of laptop computers were stolen in airports alone last year. These portable, high return, easy-to-sell computers remain a prime target for thieves, who also stake out hotels and car rental depots for distracted travelers. Other mobile electronic devices (notebooks, tablets, and smartphones) are just as vulnerable.

If one of your employees falls victim to theft of a mobile device, the injury to your company could be severe: the cost of replacing the device and software, plus the exposure of confidential data, customer files, and trade secrets. To help avoid this danger, follow these basic guidelines from

  1. List the serial numbers and software of all mobile devices, plus the employees assigned to use them. Fewer than 10% of stolen devices can be recovered by serial number because most people don’t record it.
  2. Train employees, to always keep their device in sight and in front of them when traveling – never at their side or in a luggage cart.
  3. If employees don’t need to use the laptop, provide them with a removable hard drive that can be packed separately.
  4. Have them carry laptops in a nondescript bag that doesn’t look like a computer case.
  5. Provide employees with a laptop lock, which they can use in hotels where there’s no safe.

If these precautions fail, our agency’s service team stands ready to insure the portable electronic devices that employees use for business purposes and your company’s liability for the confidential data these gadgets store. Feel free to give us a call.