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Workplace Safety


By January 1, 2013No Comments

Although there’s nothing new about perils on the job, the dangers facing workers today – from deranged employees with firearms to the threat of mass terrorism – are increasingly complex and dangerous. This makes it essential to integrate a security policy into how your business operates, rather than seeing it as an add-on service.

Use this questionnaire to assess your readiness and ability to create and maintain a secure workplace:

  • Do you check references and conduct background checks when hiring new employees?
  • Are supervisors trained to heighten awareness and use conflict resolution?
  • Do you have written policies covering employee theft, workplace violence, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities in the workplace?
  • Are employees told to report any strangers they see in the facility or on company property?
  • Are employees instructed never to lend their security badge, keys, access cards, etc. to anyone?
  • Do you use surveillance cameras to monitor high-risk areas of your facility, such as loading docks, warehouses, and outdoor storage areas?
  • Are keys and access codes or cards given only to employees who need them to gain access to their work area(s)?
  • Do you recover keys, access cards, and ID badges when employees leave the company?
  • Are locks and codes changed after any incident of suspicious activity, or when an employee with access to critical areas or information is fired or leaves under strained circumstances?
  • Are computers protected by passwords known only to operators and other authorized personnel?
  • Do you require all visitors to sign in and out at a central reception area and be escorted to and from their destinations within the facility?
  • Are employees required to enter and leave the facility through assigned entrances and exits?
  • Are staff members trained to identify suspicious packages and know what to do if one arrives?

Our agency’s professional staff would be happy to provide a complimentary review of your security procedures and recommend upgrades to make it even more effective. Just give us a call.