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Workplace Safety


By May 1, 2013No Comments

You can’t eliminate the stress that your employees bring to work – but you can offer them these guidelines to help manage workplace stressors on their own:

1 – Prioritize, streamline, delegate, and discard. When facing a task, ask if it’s really necessary to do immediately.
2 – Break things up. Take two – to three – minute breaks every hour and commit to doing at least one fun thing every day.
3 – Make time. Build time into your schedule for creative expression, healthy eating, moderate daily exercise, hanging out with friends, and enjoying nature.
4 – Be on time. Build in cushion time between appointments to allow for traffic and the unexpected.
5 – Send negativity flying. If a co-worker is on the warpath, visualize an airplane with an ad banner over the person’s head, with each negative word floating up into the banner and out of view.
6 – Relax and watch what happens. Do mini-meditations or mindful breathing while you’re between tasks or in line at the cafeteria.
7 – Get essential nutrients. Go beyond vitamins and begin to think about daylight and laughter as integral parts of your daily life.
8 – Consider what you’re consuming. Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can increase stress levels.
9 – Watch your words. Don’t let negative internal chatter and self-recrimination distract and demoralize you.
10 – Be kind. Do something nice for a different co-worker every day until it becomes second nature to reduce stress for others.
11 – Sleep on it. Sleep deprivation a major culprit in stress is Try to get restful, restorative slumber every night, and watch your stress level decline.