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By June 1, 2013No Comments

One of the most exciting and terrifying moments for any parent comes the first time you watch them drive away alone. You trust your child, and you’ve either taught them well or hired a professional to do so. Still, there might not be anything quite as scary as the moment when those taillights disappear from view.

Having a solid Auto insurance policy for your teen is essential to give you peace of mind when they’re on the road without you. Although insuring a teenager won’t be cheap, you can easily get the coverage you need at an affordable price.

Most Auto policies will offer discounts to teen drivers who maintain good grades, usually rewarding a B average with some not insignificant savings. Because the vehicle your teenager drives will significantly impact the cost of coverage, when shopping for that first car look for reliability, not flash. Choosing a car with good safety ratings and consumer reviews will help keep premiums under control. Pick a model that’s not too old to need constant maintenance, but isn’t so new that repairs will break the bank. Most insurance companies keep a list of vehicles and the cost of insuring them.

Many companies also offer premium discount if you have your child receive some extra driving instruction. Most states require a minimum number of hours of driving spent with a certified professional.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure. It makes sense to pay for a comprehensive, cost effective Auto policy now, rather than shell out big dollars for repairs and legal costs after your teen has a car accident.

As always, our insurance professionals stand ready to help you make the right choice – just give us a call.