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By June 1, 2013No Comments

When it comes to buy Homeowners insurance, it’s easy to become confused by the wide variety of deductibles out there. If you’re stressing out over picking the right deductible, these basic guidelines can help you make a wise decision:

Homeowners often choose a deductible on their property as a percentage of its “insured value.” If this value is $100,000 and you choose a 2% deductible, you would pay the first $2,000 of any claim. Bear in mind that the dollar value of this percentage deductible will vary with any change in the insured value. The higher this value, the higher your deductible.

A split deductible gives homeowners the option of selecting a dollar value for different types of hazards. For example, you might choose to pay the first $500 of a fire damage claim, but only the first $300 for a loss from vandalism or theft. This lets you set priorities based on what types of damages you believe are most likely to occur. For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to fire or hailstorms, you might select a higher deductible for these potential hazards.

The size of the deductible depends on your circumstances and the type of policy you purchase. Choosing a higher deductible will reduce your premiums significantly. If you’re confident that you can afford small-scale claims (between $250 and $500), increasing your deductible will mean that you’ll pay a far lower premium that will coverage big-ticket losses (say, $1,000 and up).

Our Personal Insurance specialists would be happy to offer their advice on tailoring Homeowners deductibles to your needs. No charge, of course.