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Workplace Safety


By July 1, 2013No Comments

You’re probably doing everything you can (from detailed job descriptions through physical exams to comprehensive workplace safety programs) to minimize job-related injuries.

However, accidents happen, despite your best efforts. The sooner employees injured on the job return to work, the less it costs your Workers Compensation insurance company to treat them, the lower your “experience mod” – and your premiums.

The first step in the process is to make sure that workers report any injuries to their supervisor as soon as possible – definitely before the end of their shift.

Once an injury is reported, it’s essential to get the proper treatment. To find a list of board-certified occupational physicians in your area, go to If no specialist is available, choose a doctor who is familiar with the physical demands on workers in your business and knows what type of jobs you can provide to transition injured employees back to their full-time positions. If the doctor knows you will offer transitional duty to these workers, he or she will be far more likely to let them go back to work, rather than send them home to sit on the couch and watch infomercials for attorneys at 1-800-SUE-THEM.

Once these employees return to transitional jobs, they’ll be far more likely to work hard so they can get back to their full-time position – which means they’ll be more productive. The bottom line: a “rapid return” program can turn transform injured workers from liabilities into assets. What’s not to like?

Our agency’s Workers Compensation specialists stand ready to offer their advice on developing such a program tailored to your needs. Just give us a call.