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Workplace Safety


By July 1, 2013No Comments

Slips, trips, and falls (STFs) in the workplace are all too common – and a single accident can cost you thousands in medical payments and lost productivity.

To help businesses reduce STFs, Brian Roberts, Director of Workers Compensation and Ergonomics for CNA Insurance, has developed this six-point strategy, based on Japanese workplace practices:

  1. Sort. Organize and straighten the workplace to make sure that aisles and walkways are free of trip and fall hazards.
  2. Set in order. Analyze the efficiency of motion and workflow on the job (for example, review employee walking patterns and chart the results).
  3. Shine. Eliminate all forms of contamination – such as dirt, fluids, or liquids – that could cause bone-breaking slips. This includes assessing floor surfaces for wear and pitting, and “transition points” (from concrete to tile, tile to carpet, carpet to marble, etc.) and eliminate or alter them. Make sure that you have the right floor cleaning products and that your maintenance staff understands how to use them properly, if they have limited English skills.
  4. Standardize. Organize the workplace by prominent postings of such “visual management” tools as signs and warnings of potential STF hazards.
  5. Keep lights clean. Dusty and dirty lights obscure lighting conditions, which increases the risk of STFs.
  6. Sustain. Maintain the progress that you’ve achieved through the other strategies in order to make these improvements systemic and long-lasting.

Our agency’s safety management experts would be happy to recommend expert who can help you create – and maintain – an “STF-free workplace.” Feel free to get in touch with us at any time.