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Workplace Safety


By November 5, 2013No Comments

We’re all well aware of the safety risks that “distracted driving” possesses – but what about “distracted walking”?

If your employees are walking around your facility, or down the street, with faces buried in their mobile phones (even if they’re on company business), they’re creating a hazard to themselves and others, According to Ohio State University Professor Jack Nusar.

His study of distracted walking found that more than 1,500 people were treated in emergency rooms during 2010 for injuries related to use of a cell phone while walking. If the pedestrian numbers were under reported, as is probably the case with distracted drivers, there might have been about 2 million pedestrian injuries related to mobile phones in 2010. Nusar says, “If current trends continue, I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of injuries to pedestrians caused by cell phones doubles again by 2015.”

Although being able to multitask is usually considered a productivity booster, that’s not the case when one of these activities is using a mobile phone. “When you’re going to take a cell phone call or text, stop walking. Don’t do two things at once,” advises Nusar.

His study offered details about some of the accidents. One study, a 28-year-old talking on his cell phone walked into a pole and lacerated his brow. In another study, a man suffered a sprained elbow and spinal sprain when he was hit by a car while on the phone.

Your employees have probably gotten the message on the dangers of distracted driving. Making sure you also keep them informed about the hazards of “distracted walking” can help keep your workplace safe – and your workers comp premiums under control.

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