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Your Employee Matters


By December 3, 2013No Comments

I do a lot of reading. Here are some thoughts inspired by the latest round:

  1. No person who produces from the heart will go for naught. Career success requires both inner and external engineering.
  2. As the scope of your life becomes bigger, less will be under your control.
  3. “I will be happy….. when” is meaningless. Be happy now!
  4. Comfort is an illusion if sought from the outside. Do you want to be comfortable or awesome?
  5. To map your career path, ask “Where can I help the most people with the least amount of energy?”
  6. When overwhelmed by information, we lose clarity of thought, which comes in the spaces between information – yet another reason to meditate.
  7. Do you identify with your limitations – and let them define you?
  8. Have these “limitations” blocked you from career success?
  9. Personal peace is about our internal chemistry. All happiness, despair and other human experiences have a biochemical basis.
  10. Every person is an energy field functioning at different levels of capability.
  11. How loyal, how engaged, and awesome do you want your people to be?
  12. You can’t bullshit yourself into well being.
  13. Situations don’t make you – they expose you.
  14. Use time off to reward employees.
  15. Personality comes from the word persona, which in Greek drama meant a “mask.” Like a mask our personality is a construct – a story we tell ourselves about ourselves.
  16. All creativity is an imitation of nature.
  17. Conduct scavenger hunts, field trips, lunch-and -learns, suggestion meetings, crossword puzzles, jeopardy games, volunteer projects, blood donations, fun clubs, etc.
  18. If people feel good, they will______________
  19. Over-committed heroes end up becoming martyrs. Avoid this behavior pattern!
  20. Can you be peaceful where you are or must you go someplace to feel that way?
  21. HR’s focus on the negative does a disservice to human well being.
  22. Work doesn’t cause stress; your reaction to it does.
  23. Have a plan for where you and your business will evolve.