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When Should you Rekey the Locks in Your Home?

By June 3, 2014No Comments

How many people have access to your house key? Even if you’re particular about whom you give your key to, anyone can quickly take it, make a copy and return it without your knowledge. Stay safe at home as you learn when to rekey the locks in your home.

What is Rekeying?

When you rekey locks, you replace the tumbler in the lock cylinder. You also receive a new key that matches the new tumbler. While you could replace the entire door lock, rekeying is typically more affordable.

When Should you Rekey Locks?

To be on the safe side, rekey locks when you:

*Switch Roommates: As soon as a roommate moves out, change the locks. That person may have forgotten to return his or her copy or may have given copies of your house key to friends.

*Change Domestic Helpers: A change in cleaning companies, groundskeepers, nannies or other domestic helpers requires a lock rekeying for security.

*Change Contractors: After a home renovation project, change your home’s locks. You trust your contractor, but you have no way of knowing which of his or her employees or
sub-contractors may have had access to your house keys.

*Move Into a New Home: Always change the locks any time you move into a new home, whether you’re the first or the fifth owner. You simply cannot predict how many people have a copy of the house keys.

*Lose Your Keys or They are Stolen: Anyone could have access to that lost or stolen key, which compromises your family’s safety.

If it’s time for you to rekey the locks on your home, hire a locksmith or do the job yourself. Additionally, take a few minutes to ensure your homeowners or renters insurance policy provides the coverage you need. Together, these two steps give you peace of mind in your home.