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Affordable Fencing Options That Keep Your Property Safe

By July 1, 2014No Comments

Your backyard oasis may include beautiful landscaping, a spacious storage shed and a comfortable patio. You want to protect it from unwanted neighbors and stray animals or wildlife that may wander into it. Plus, you need to keep your children and pets safely within your property boundaries. What type of protective fencing is the most affordable?


A white picket fence gives your property a quintessential appearance. You can also paint, stain or decorate it to match your personal preferences. To save money, transform pallets, barn materials and other salvaged wood into a reliable fence.


With an abundance of chicken wire, you can create a fence that keeps your children and pets inside and unwanted invaders outside. Secure the wire to sturdy posts at regular intervals to ensure the fence remains upright.


Strong and mature bamboo gives your backyard an organic appearance. Be sure to keep it trimmed if your homeowners association has rules for plant height.

Hedges or Evergreens

Like bamboo, thick hedges or evergreens can protect your property. Choose plants that will thrive in your soil type, and plant them at an interval that ensures they grow healthy and strong.


In mountainous areas, you may be able to harvest enough stones to create a decent privacy fence. It will need to be high and sturdy, though, to ensure safety.

Combine More Than One Type

The best type of protective fencing depends largely on your preference, needs and budget. The best choice might actually be a combination of two or more types of fencing. For example, you may plant bamboo on one side of your property but install wood fencing on the other three sides. Contact a local landscaping company for advice and pricing.

To keep your property safe from unwanted invaders and escaping children and pets, erect a secure fence that fits your budget. Be sure to discuss your fence with your insurance agent to take advantage of any homeowners insurance discounts available, too.