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Easy Ways to Protect Your Teeth and Create a Healthy Smile

By July 1, 2014No Comments

Proper oral care does more than give you a smile you’re proud to show off. They also improve your overall health. Research has found that chronic inflammation caused by gum disease is linked to heart disease and strokes. Implement six tips into your oral care regimen as you protect your teeth and create a healthy smile.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains does more than fuel your body. It also strengthens your tooth enamel. Ensure all your meals include healthy elements, and limit sweets and soda as you keep your mouth healthy.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Residue on your teeth wears away enamel and can cause plaque growth. If it’s not removed, plaque turns into tartar and causes gingivitis. Drink plenty of water to wash away food residue and improve your oral health.

3. Floss Every Day

Dental floss removes food and bacteria from between your teeth. Bacteria can cause swollen and bleeding gums, two signs of gingivitis. Spend a few minutes once a day flossing carefully between all your teeth as you protect your smile.

4. Brush Regularly

A soft tooth brush and low-abrasion toothpaste removes food residue without damaging your tooth enamel. Prioritize teeth brushing after every meal. To do it right, brush for at least two minutes and be sure to reach all surfaces of every tooth.

5. Invest in Mouthwash

More than a breath freshener, antibacterial mouthwash also removes bacteria from your mouth. It should be an essential part of your daily oral care routine.

6. Schedule Dental Appointments

Dentists are able to identify early signs of enamel deterioration, gum disease and other oral hygiene issues. Schedule a dental cleaning and exam every six months, and follow your dentist’s advice about proper oral care, too.

Your healthy smile starts with healthy teeth. Dental insurance and following six tips help you protect your teeth, keep your smile healthy and say cheese.