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Health Insurance Options for Vacations Aboard

By July 1, 2014No Comments

Before you leave the country on your summer vacation, check your health insurance policy. Why? Because your current health insurance might not cover medical treatment, emergency evacuations or medicine when you cross the border. Learn about your options to ensure you have the health coverage you need.

Decide What Medical Needs You Have

The length of your vacation, your destination, pre-existing conditions and your itinerary affect the type of medical coverage you need. Use this information to determine exactly what type of coverage you must obtain.

Talk to Your Current Insurance Provider

Most health insurance providers don’t cover medical treatment abroad, but yours might include limited coverage for certain locations or types of medical care. Always ask your agent exactly what’s covered in your existing policy before you spend money on a brand new one.

Check With Your Travel Agent

Your professional travel agent can look over your destination and itinerary to determine what type of coverage you may need. Then, he or she can recommend reputable insurance companies.

Search the U.S. Department of State Website

Find reputable insurance companies that offer international health coverage when you visit the U.S. Department of State website. Here, you’ll also find resources that help you stay healthy no matter where you travel.

Purchase from an Established Insurance Company

For your safety, only purchase health insurance from an established and reputable company. It should offer 24-hour customer support, guarantee payments abroad and pay directly to foreign doctors and hospitals.

Know Exactly What You’re Buying

Exact coverage types and amounts, deductibles, exemptions and policy cost are all important factors to consider as you compare health insurance policies. Read your policy carefully, ask your agent questions and be sure you completely understand the policy before you buy it.

With the right health insurance, your medical treatment is covered as you vacation abroad. Find the right policy for you when you talk to your agent and examine your options before you take off.