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How to Choose a Safe Roommate

By September 3, 2014No Comments

Maybe you’re a college student who needs a roommate. Or, you might have an empty room or two in your home that you want to fill. You certainly don’t want a roommate who trashes your home, steals your stuff or threatens your safety. How do you know if potential roommate candidates are safe?

Decide What Type of Roommate You Want

Whether you’re a party animal or love peace and quiet, your roommate should share your core values. You don’t have to agree on everything, but your life will be much easier, more peaceful and safer if you room with someone who’s similar to you.

Research Potential Roommates

You increase your chances of staying safe when you thoroughly research all your potential roommates. To do that:

*Do a Google search and check out their social media pages. This research gives you great insight into a potential roommate’s character.

*Run a credit check. It will show you whether the person is reliable or unreliable with bill payment.

*Ask about current employment. A stable roommate who holds a steady job and brings home an honest income is more likely to be responsible than someone who can’t keep a job.

*Talk to references: The people your potential roommate lived with in the past can be an excellent source of information about his or her character. Talk to a few of these references before you make a final decision on who will share your home.

Spend Time Together

Once you’ve created a short list of potential roommates, chat online and meet them individually at a neutral location like a coffee shop or mall. This time together helps you decide if you’re compatible.

Once you select a roommate, update your homeowners or renters insurance. It won’t ensure your roommate is safe, but it will give you peace of mind and financial compensation if your home is damaged or your belongings are stolen.