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Window Tints Reduce Home Invasions and Offer Additional Benefits

By October 4, 2014No Comments

The windows in your home allow bright sunlight to stream into your house, and they create a warm and cozy indoor atmosphere. Unfortunately, those same windows can provide access to home invaders. Apply unique and versatile window tints that protect your home and family and offer additional benefits you’ll appreciate.

Prevent Home Invasions

Burglars usually case homes before they break in through the path of least resistance. Tinted film prevents anyone from looking into your house and seeing your valuables. Clear and colored tints also reinforce the glass as they discourage home invaders.

Reduce Cooling Costs

You and your pets bask in rays of warm sunlight, but all that sunshine increases the interior temperature and forces your home’s cooling system to work overtime. Save as much as 30 percent on your annual cooling costs when you apply sun-filtering window tints.

Protect Fabric from Fading

Before the valuable furniture, carpets and window treatments in front of your windows fade, apply window tint. It blocks as much as 99 percent of all the damaging UV rays and protects the fabrics in your home.

Prevent Severe Weather Damage

Hail, winds and other severe weather can break your windows and send flying glass throughout your home. Apply safety tint that reinforces your windows and protects your home and family.

Reduce Glare

As you work in your home office or watch TV with your family, annoying sun glare can interrupt your day. Apply tint to the windows and reduce disruptive glare.

Maintain Privacy

While allowing sunshine in, window tints prevent curious neighbors and passersby’s from looking into your home, and they maintain your privacy.

Decorate Your Home

Available in dozens of decorative patterns, window tints add beauty to your windows. Use them to decorate all the glass in your home.