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Your Employee Matters


By November 4, 2014No Comments

Demographic studies reinforce our daily experience: it’s getting harder and harder to find good employees — but not for everyone! Whether you’re a local contractor or national airline, there’s an employer of choice in every market; these companies find good people knocking on their door because they enjoy a high Attractiveness Factor. For example, Southwest Airlines is probably getting far more qualified candidates than United, American, and Delta because they have a business model and culture that attracts employees, rather than repels them.

Survey after survey reveals that one third to one half of the employees in any industry are looking for a better employer — a far higher figure than the 5% to 15% unemployment rate in those industries. Why would these people, who already have jobs, leave to come work for you? Your Attractiveness Factor is related directly to the job satisfaction of your existing employees. Great Places to Work Institute Award winners have an 82% satisfaction level. You can bet that the recruiting offices in these companies have a far easier time than their competitors.

To improve your Attractiveness Factor, we’d recommend these steps:

  • Put the right people on every seat of the bus. No excuses. Nothing upsets team members more than management placing the wrong employee on their team — especially without their input. Have the discipline required to hire only the best.
  • Have your employees market on your behalf. Referrals from existing employees are a great source of leads. Also, get employees involved in the hiring process by using such tools as group interviews.
  • Show employees that you care by asking them what they need to be successful and take pride in their work. This applies even when they’re leaving. On average, one dissatisfied customer will tell seven people about their grievance — and it’s no different with a dissatisfied employee. When you terminate someone, do it with grace and understanding. Conduct exit interviews to address any potential resentment that might fester into a lawsuit or negative social media campaign.
  • Brand your company as a great place to work. Southwest Airlines brands the fact that their employees Love the Work They Do Every Day. Zappos states on its hiring page “Sure, we know that Zappos is a phenomenal place to work but it’s pretty cool when others recognize how great our company is too. Learn more about the awards, news features, benefits and incredible perks that set our company apart.” Now that’s branding! What’s your brand? How do you show and tell it?
  • Lighten up. Whether you label it fun, joy, love, or nonsense, find a way to whistle while you work! Many of us are looking for that something extra out of our daily grinds. Tap into that opportunity and you’ll increase your Attractiveness Factor!

Don Phin, Esq. is VP of Strategic Business Solutions at ThinkHR, which helps companies resolve urgent workforce issues, mitigate risk and ensure HR compliance. Phin has more than three decades of experience as an HR expert, published author and speaker, and spent 17 years in employment practices litigation. For more information, visit