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Top Identity Protection Tips as you Shop for the Holiday

By December 5, 2014No Comments

Like Santa, you’ve probably made a holiday shopping list and checked it twice. Are you paying attention to your identity as you buy presents? If not, consider top identity protection tips this holiday shopping season.

Hide money-related items at home. As many as half of all identity thieves know their victims. So before your holiday guests or home repair personnel enter your home, lock bank statements and important documents as well as your checkbook and spare credit cards in a fireproof safe.

Protect your numbers. When getting cash from the ATM, cover the buttons so no one behind you in line sees what you type. Also, don’t say your credit card or social security number over the phone if anyone is standing nearby and can hear you.

Always keep your credit card in sight. If you’re distracted at the cash register, you give the clerk a chance to slip your credit card into his or her pocket or copy the number.

Travel light. You don’t need a huge purse or bulging wallet as you shop. Instead, carry one or two credit cards and your driver’s license. Your purse, checkbook and other cards can stay locked at home or in the trunk.

Shop secure websites. The website address should start with https:\, and the lock symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the web page should take you to a security certificate that matches the store where you’re shopping.

Save every receipt and analyze every statement. It’s a pain, but you’ll be glad you took the time to store receipts and look over every statement for unfamiliar purchases.

Report discrepancies immediately to the credit card company or bank.

Sign up for identity monitoring. For a few dollars a month, you receive invaluable monitoring of your credit card numbers and accounts.

Whether you shop early or wait until the last minute, your identity remains secure when you follow these safety tips this holiday shopping season. For even more protection, talk to your insurance agent about identity protection insurance today.